Part 2: Strategies to Win at Slots

This article continues the winning strategies for slot play from our first article. This article contains ten additional strategies for casino slot play. These powerful strategies are sure to make you a successful slot player.

Simple Single-line Machine Strategy daftar slot

Check if the bonus will be paid for playing  the maximum amount of coins/credits on a single-line machine. If the maximum payout for a two point machine is 600 coins/credits, with one point inserted, and 1500 coins/credits if you place a two-coin wager, it is prudent to always bet two coins.

For machines that pay 800 coins for single coins wagers and 1,700 for two coins wagers, it is best to only play one coin at once. The second coin does not increase the payout but it doesn’t provide any additional benefits. It is therefore best to only play one coin at a time.

Simple Progressive Machines Strategy

It is best to play as many coins/credits as possible when playing progressive machines. If you don’t have enough coins/credits, you won’t be able to win the progressive jackpot.

Always play in your comfort zone

Don’t be tempted to play bonus Jackpots on progressive slots machines with a higher denomination than you can afford. You should not feed a five-dollar machine one credit at time. Instead, you should lead the maximum amount of coins/credits to a quarter machine in order to guarantee that you are eligible for the jackpot.

Play the Highest Jackpot Progressive

Always consider the best progressive slot with the highest jackpot. Although all machines can play the role of individual progressives, the size of the jackpot may vary from one machine to the next. Make sure you choose the progressive jackpot machine that has the highest payout.

Always set a goal

If you want to achieve a life-changing super-Jackpot, you must set a goal. You may prefer a smaller, but more realistically achievable goal. You can choose the type of slot machine that you prefer.

Mega Payout Machines

Mega payout machines can be a losing proposition for many people. Because smaller jackpots are more frequent, they tend to drain your funds quickly. Mega payout/jackpot machines can be worth it in certain situations, which we’ll discuss later.

Grab the Smaller Jackpots

The payouts on slot machines that have a maximum payout of 1,000 to 10,000 credits/credit are more common and pay out smaller wins. This increases your chances of winning at the casino.

Take Care with Specialty Slot Machines

These machines were not always just smoke and mirror bandsits. However, the addition of specialty slots such as wheel of Fortune and PE bank has helped make losing money fun for slot players.

Percentages are very important

The average payback percentage for nickel machines in the country, as reported by a casino magazine, is 90.3% for quarter machines, 92.3% for quarter machines, 94.4% on one-dollar machines, and 95.9% on five-dollar machines. These are only average numbers.

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