Get Backlinks to Increase Website Traffic

If you want to get backlinks to increase traffic, do not think that if you build it they will come. Often people will build a beautiful website or webpage and expect that visitors will find it without getting the word out. They spend the bulk of their time on building the most beautiful website and even setting up the most fantastic sales funnel, then sit and wait for the tsunami of traffic to arrive, that never does, without effort.

How do you get the word out? How do you get visitors to find your website? Simply put, backlinks get you “found”, quality backlinks get you found for the targeted keywords that will bring you targeted visitors receptive to your products and affiliate offers.

What are Backlinks?

Okay, so what are back links? Backlinks are links pointing to your website and to your internal pages, These are known as inbound links or backlinks. These links can originate either from other people’s website, web directories, article submission sites, feeder sites such as Squidoo or Hubpages, forums, blogs or even from internal linking on your own website.

For those of you who are new to SEO (search engine optimization), you might be wondering what is the need to get backlinks and why they are important to increase website traffic.

Google calculations the relevance of your site, in relation to a particular search request and considers the quantity as well as the quality of sites that link to your site. For example, websites with lots of backlinks are worth more than other similar websites with less backlinks, therefore Google considers a site with more links more relevant for that particular query. The result is that Google will give the more relevant website a higher ranking in the organic search results for that particular keyword or keyword phrase. 구글상위노출

Quality Backlinks

So lets take this one step further, backlinks will get your website found but found for what? IF all the links back to your site are links with your website name in it directed to your main page then you will be found for your website name, when and if people ever type that into the search bar. What you want is people finding you for keywords related to your website and offers, keywords that people are already searching for. Therefore you need to get backlinks that contain “search for” keywords that you want to target.

Targeted Traffic

Huh? Not targeting any keywords yet? Do some research. Use Google’s keyword tool and find about 15 keywords to start with, keywords that people are already searching for, that are relevant to your website or offer and use them in your backlinking campaign. One note about these keywords, they should have a high search volume and low competition. If you are just starting out, try eighty searches a day with less than fifty thousand competition. Make sure to be deep linking to your website internal pages as well as your main page with these targeted keyword.



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